Freemerch – Helping Brands Build User Relationships with Merchandise

Loyalty programs have been proven as one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty, a recent study from Yopto showed that nearly 70% of customers would be interested in loyalty-based marketing.

Freemerch is Africa’s first loyalty program using merchandise to promote the adoption of both tech and Web3 products creating a hybrid community of both Web2 and Web3 users and enthusiasts. Freemerch is a partner with leading Blockchain and Tech hubs providing a cross-pollination of communities and an easy entry for products it serves. 

Freemerch’s goal is to break the bias between tech and crypto products, helping users find a common ground for leading products and extending adoption. Freemerch also helps companies reach a broader market rather than competing for a small user base that understands their products as we see in the blockchain space today. 

Building User Relationships with Merchandise

Not only does merchandise serve as a unique way to reward participants and users of products who contribute to different marketing activities with little to no-code activities like beta testing etc. The merchandise also ensures endless marketing, serving as a continuous form of marketing with inscriptions crafted to explain products and tech to the public. 

Freemerch is using a relatable marketing approach to relate with Gen-Z and Millenials and help brands who struggle to build a narrative outside their regular content connect to users and prospects in the language they understand. While it could be a concern to post on a business page, Freemerch provides the leverage. 

Adoption shouldn’t be all boring campaigns, users are not bots. 

Freemerch’s goal is to become the leading loyalty-based platform for Web2 and Web3 products to acquire users, reward their existing community and expand via a relatable marketing approach for GenZ and millennials helping to expand the market size through collaborations with pre-existing communities, and best of all, merchandise. 

Freemerch is helping brands and product builders acquire and reward their users with unique Identities and create unique narratives while allowing users to contribute to world-class solutions and get rewarded. 

How Freemerch Works

Freemerch is designed for brands and companies who desire conversions such as social media engagements, app downloads, reviews, unique stories, and much more. They can set up tailored campaigns on the platform at Freemerch takes the task of driving campaign engagement, picking winners, creating quality merchandise and distributing with their unique logistics partners without brands having to worry about merch creation or quality. 

Users can participate in any of the open campaigns and get rewarded with Merchandise delivered to their doorstep or nearest Bus Stop at no cost. Visit to get started and learn more.