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Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province in eastern China, has taken a significant step towards promoting the adoption of the country’s Digital Yuan. The city has introduced digital yuan payments across its entire bus network, aiming to facilitate the use of the digital currency in everyday transactions.

In an exciting development for the crypto world, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has unveiled its plans to initiate a pilot project for a wholesale central bank digital currency (wCBDC), as reported recently. According to Thomas Jordan, the chair of the SNB, the project will kick off in the near future, marking a significant step forward in the exploration of digital currencies.

In the latest update from FTX Debtors, CEO John Ray has revealed that approximately $7 billion in liquid assets have been recovered thus far, with efforts to locate additional assets still underway. The complexity arising from the extensive mingling of funds has posed significant challenges for the recovery process.

In a groundbreaking move, Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany based on total assets, has reportedly applied for regulatory permission to operate as a crypto custodian. This development comes as the financial institution aims to tap into the growing demand for digital asset storage and bolster its fee income.

Sberbank, the largest banking institution in Russia, is set to revolutionize the financial landscape by opening up the world of digital currencies to private investors. In the coming weeks, customers will have the opportunity to buy and sell digital financial assets (DFA) on the Sberbank platform, marking a significant step forward for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country.