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With the crypto regulatory framework taking shape, advertising remains in the spotlight. UK advertising regulator, The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned an NFT promotion by on December 21.

Amazon’s latest series, NFTMe, highlights the amazing NFT culture and global recognition. The ability to digitally authenticate practically anything, as well as the ability to monetize in ways that no one could have imagined previously. These are some of the ways non-fungible tokens are introduced in the documentary series “NFTMe” (NFTS).

Non-fungible (NFT) marketplace OpenSea appears to have taken its place in the NFT royalty debate and has launched a new “on-chain” tool to help developers enforce royalty payments. The largest NFT marketplace is taking steps to help creators manage fees and royalties, while competing marketplaces are reducing creator fees or making them optional. The NFT community does not seem pleased with this. 

With the Bored Ape Yacht club being one of the highest-selling NFT artworks, one might ask: “How can an Ape JPEG be able to soar to such a level?”