The Bull’s Gazette Philosophy

The Bull’s Gazette Philosophy

Stance, Community-focused, Independent, Thorough, Inclusive, Value, Innovation

The Bull’s Stance
The Bull’s Gazette believes that everyone deserves the right to financial literacy. In an evolving global economic landscape, strategic risk-taking is a skill worth mastering. Sailing the seas towards financial freedom is not an easy task, knowledge is the best precautionary measure you can take. That’s why we’ve created The Bull’s Gazette, to empower our readers to learn, grow and adapt to this evolving landscape. Whatever level of financial literacy, our tailored content is the ideal supplement to becoming a master in this industry without breaking the bank.

Focusing on the community
Ushered by the overwhelming demand for reliable and actionable financial resources, the bull’s gazette heeded the community’s call. We offer our readers the opportunity to learn from each other in our community channels (discord and telegram) as well as vote on the future TBG topics such as the next iteration of our in-depth crypto asset research.

Information independence
Our researchers have complete writing autonomy, they can publish whatever they believe in even if it contradicts another researcher’s beliefs, ensuring we don’t become an echo chamber. We take measures to ensure that the content we publish is free of bias through cross-referencing.

Meticulous research
We spend countless hours researching each subject observing, testing, checking, analyzing and confirming. We strive to bring our readers the most accurate and up to date information through technical analysis, guides, e-books and infographics. More quality research with less misinformation and external noise.

Equal accessibility for everyone
We strive to keep our users engaged by giving them a safe space for discussions, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We accept writers of all levels and backgrounds nurturing original ideas. Our international team consists of people from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience with different views and opinions to make sure you get every side of the story. We value diversity and challenge the status quo and pledge to not entertain any effort by malicious actors who try and bribe their way into having us knowingly publish content in order to trick or scam our users. 

Quality, not quantity
As misinformation is rampant, providing quality research and information is becoming paramount. TBG will ensure that each and every article/ebook/report is handwritten and filtered to the core. We don’t publish junk and maintain the same level of quality throughout all our readings.

Transforming the research game
We move with the times, utilise the latest and greatest technology has to offer, critically think and push innovations to their limit allowing ourselves to bring out the best content possible to our audience.