Riot Platforms Bolsters Bitcoin Mining Capacity with $162.9 Million Investment

Riot Platforms, a prominent player in the Bitcoin mining industry, has recently made a significant move by acquiring 33,280 cutting-edge Bitcoin miners from MicroBT for its facility in Texas. This substantial investment amounted to a total of $162.9 million.

The newly acquired rigs, hailed as “next-generation” miners, are expected to enhance Riot’s self-mining capacity by an impressive 7.6 exahashes per second (EH/s). The strategic purchase has been made well in advance of Bitcoin’s upcoming halving cycle, which is slated to occur in mid-2024.

In a statement on June 26, Riot Platforms CEO Jason Les expressed his enthusiasm for the deal and highlighted the anticipated benefits it will bring. It’s worth noting that the newly acquired rigs have been specifically designed to support “immersion cooling systems,” similar to those utilized at Riot’s Corsicana facility.

Out of the 33,280 machines obtained, 8,320 are M56S+ models, boasting a hash rate of 220 terahashes per second (TH/s). The remaining 24,960 units belong to the slightly more powerful M56S++ series, with a hash rate of 230 TH/s.

However, despite this significant development, the delivery of the machines is expected only by December, with complete deployment scheduled for mid-2024.

Additionally, Riot Platforms has revealed its intention to potentially acquire an additional 66,560 M56S++ models before December 31, 2024. Should this option be exercised, the firm’s self-mining capacity would receive a substantial boost of 15.3 EH/s. The company retains the flexibility to exercise this option either in its entirety or partially.