US Prosecutors Create Website for FTX Victims

The US prosecutors have urged FTX victims to send them an email. The prosecutors also launched a website where they can communicate with the victims.

Federal prosecutors are asking those who believe they may have been victims to email them, according to a recent press statement. Victims of federal crimes have certain rights that prosecutors intend to protect, prosecutors said.

These rights include adequate protection of the accused; prompt, accurate and reasonable notification of public court proceedings; the right to be fairly heard in any public proceeding; the right to full and prompt compensation; the right to take immediate action, etc.

In addition, authorities set up a website for FTX victims to communicate with prosecutors. Prosecutors had asked the court if they could notify victims through the website instead of contacting them individually. FTX crash victims were probably over a million, and they were almost impossible to reach through the mail.

FTX Agrees to Cooperate With Bahamas JPLs

In a further development, FTX led by CEO John Ray III has agreed to work with joint interim liquidators appointed by the Bahamas Supreme Court. According to a recent press release, the parties will “work together” to do their best to recover funds for interest groups. They all agree that JPL will lead the divestment of the Bahamian real estate and identify assets held by the Bahamian authorities.

FTX and Bahamas authorities previously agreed on how the bankruptcy case should be handled. However, her renewed change of heart remains subject to the courts in the United States and the Bahamas.

In the meantime, several legal actions related to the FTX debacle are still ongoing. Prosecutors recently informed the bankruptcy court that 56 million shares of Robinhood (worth $450 million) previously owned by SBF and Gary Wang have been seized.