Uniswap Unveils Closed Beta Android App

Uniswap, the leading decentralized crypto exchange, has rolled out the closed beta version of its Android mobile app, as revealed in an official blog post by the app’s development team on October 12. This development marks a significant expansion, as the decentralized exchange was previously accessible only through PCs and iOS devices.

The decentralized exchange stands as the globe’s largest decentralized crypto exchange in terms of cumulative trading volume, having facilitated trades surpassing a staggering $1.7 trillion since its inception, based on data sourced from DefiLlama. Until now, the majority of Uniswap’s transactions occurred via its web-based platform. However, the team introduced a mobile app for iOS devices on April 13, overcoming challenges related to Apple’s App Store approval process.

Uniswap App to Allow Users Switch Coins on Blockchains Effortlessly 

The newly introduced Android beta app boasts a seamless user experience, allowing users to effortlessly switch between coins on different blockchain networks on Uniswap without manual intervention. With compatibility currently established on Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and BNB Chain, Uniswap users can seamlessly navigate diverse chains. Moreover, the app features an innovative Ethereum transaction routing mechanism, utilizing a private pool to counter front-running and sandwich attacks. Users also have the option to disable this feature according to their preferences. Additionally, the app automatically detects coins with inherent transfer fees, displaying this information prominently within the interface for user awareness.

In a move geared towards user engagement, the announcement provides a signup link for an email waitlist. This waitlist will serve as the platform for distributing early copies of the app to eager adopters. Furthermore, Uniswap’s team has outlined plans to release the app’s open-source code in the upcoming weeks, as part of its ongoing security audit collaboration with Trail of Bits.