FIFA Announces NFT Collection for 2023 Club World Cup

FIFA, the international soccer governing body, is set to launch its own non-fungible token (NFT) collection in collaboration with blockchain firm Modex. The release is timed ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia.

The football body is set to debut an inaugural collection of 100 NFTs. Among the exclusive offerings is the opportunity for fans to secure tickets to the FIFA World Cup 2026 final. The NFTs will be available on the body’s dedicated platform, FIFA+ Collect, which was introduced in September 2022 and operates on the Algorand blockchain.

In addition to the special ticket-themed NFTs, the football governing body will issue 900 other digital collectibles on the Polygon network and the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. These digital assets will showcase memorable moments from the tournament and include digital versions of various memorabilia.

Francesco Abbate, CEO of Modex, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Digital collectibles increase the ways in which fans can interact with their favorite players, teams, and the game they love, and we’re honored to support FIFA in realizing this goal.”

FIFA Club World Cup Overview

The Club World Cup, set to kick off in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on December 12, will bring together seven of the world’s top football teams, featuring champions from its six confederations. The NFTs are expected to capture the excitement and essence of this prestigious event.

Since the inception of the FIFA+ Collect platform, it has conducted 11 NFT drops, resulting in the minting of 909,255 digital collectibles. With 16,448 holders participating, the platform has witnessed a substantial $2.4 million in trading volume across primary and secondary NFT markets.