Axelar and Microsoft Forge Partnership to Connect Public and Private Blockchains

In a groundbreaking collaboration, cross-chain protocol Axelar and tech giant Microsoft have joined forces to bridge the gap between public and private blockchains. The partnership marks a significant milestone as Axelar becomes the first cross-chain protocol to be listed on Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, further solidifying its position in the blockchain industry.

By joining the Azure marketplace, Axelar gains access to a vast network of tens of thousands of companies utilizing Microsoft’s cloud service. Galen Moore, spokesperson for Axelar, emphasized the immense potential of the initiative, stating that it enables Axelar to integrate well-established internet technology with public blockchains in ways that offer tangible benefits to users.

Developers will now have the opportunity to leverage a comprehensive set of tools through the AxelarJS software development kit (SDK) within the Azure marketplace. Additionally, Axelar’s general message passing feature empowers developers to seamlessly integrate functionality independent of blockchains and databases, opening up new avenues for innovation and application development.

The partnership between Axelar and Microsoft also extends to the exploration of integrating public and private blockchains to support artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar, emphasized the critical role of trust in AI solutions, highlighting the need for multiple layers of verification.

Gorbunov posed essential questions that need to be addressed: Are the AI models trained on the appropriate data? Has any private data leaked into the models? Are the queries sent to the AI returning accurate results? Can the origins of the data be verified? Without satisfactory answers to these questions, integrating AI into society becomes challenging.

The co-founder firmly believes that the combination of private and public blockchains holds the key to establishing trust in AI. By leveraging blockchains, trust can be rooted, data can be safeguarded against tampering, and its jurisdiction can be controlled. Furthermore, connections to public blockchains enable the establishment and verification of trust across all consumers, regardless of their location or the source of data they query.

Axelar a Key Player in Azure’s Marketplace

In a recent announcement, Microsoft’s Azure platform has unveiled an impressive array of over 25,000 applications and services available for developers and businesses, according to the company’s website. A closer look at the platform’s offerings reveals a noteworthy presence of blockchain technology, with at least 200 solutions powered by this revolutionary technology.

Azure’s marketplace has established itself as a thriving ecosystem for developers and businesses seeking innovative solutions and tools. With a wide range of applications and services, the platform caters to various industries and use cases. The inclusion of blockchain-powered solutions further solidifies Azure’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies.

One prominent player in the blockchain space that has found a home in Azure’s marketplace is Axelar. Boasting support for an impressive 43 blockchains, Axelar has garnered significant attention in the industry. In its Series B funding round last year, the company successfully raised $35 million, propelling its market value beyond the $1 billion mark.

Notably, the Series B funding round saw participation from esteemed investors such as Dragonfly Capital, Polychain Capital, and North Island Ventures. These notable backers recognized the potential of Axelar’s blockchain solutions and its ability to drive innovation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.