EthereumPOW Ecosystem Grows as Miners Want Mining Chains

Proof-of-work Ethereum fork, EthereumPOW (ETHW) has attracted plenty of support considering that the merged network moved from mining in the past few months.

Ethereum ‘s new minable type has attracted a lot of attention since it spawned the creation off as a hard fork in the last few weeks. EthereumPoW may have started an added fork war between proponents from each respectable network.

The fork was initiated by former Ethereum miner and ICO investor Chandler Guo, who tweeted that more than 100 projects have been launched on the network in the past month.

The Desire for Mining Chains 

Ethereum company- founder Vitalik Buterin tried to push Ethereum Classic like the network for miners, yet Guo maintains that it offers no ecosystem. The early support from leading mining pools, such as F2Pool, Poolin, AntPool, Nanopool, and BTC. com, indicate that PoW Ethereum will certainly live on.

Chinese blockchain outlet Wu Blockchain posted a patch within the EthereumPoW ecosystem, noting this has at the very least 80 “eco- dapps” or services operating about it, including DeFi, GameFi, DEX, and NFT ones.

Numerous projects from your Wagmi33 Basis list were mentioned. These included DEXes such as LFGSwap and UniSwap, stablecoin projects like PaperDAO, ShibaW, and NFT marketplace Nuwton. Wagmi33 is also supporting the development of a rival domain name service called WENS( EthereumPoW Name Service).

Ethereum Price Remains Stable As ETH Becomes Deflationary

Ethereum has turned deflationary after it completed their migration to a proof-of-stake network, according to data from

The deflation may be attributed for the launch of a new crypto job called XEN crypto, which required the minting of crypto notes and briefly increased activity within the network. According to the data, XEN Crypto is responsible for burning 3527 ETH a day, which is above 2 times the sum of the main DeFi protocol Uniswap.

As of press time, 6,850 ETH has hit the market since the Merge. If the asset were definitely still running a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, it would have added over  370,000 ETH.